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Permanent Jewelry

More than just an accessory, permanent jewelry is low-maintenance and lavish-looking, complimenting your everyday style with ease. It's claspless, seamless, and custom fitting to you. Our process allows for creativity of picking an unique option and it's completely safe. Choose from different metals, colors, designs, and even charms. Make it your own! Oh and should you ever want to remove the piece, it can easily be cut off. Explore our site and reach out if you are ready to book or have any questions :)


Our Process

Getting permanent jewelry from Hunny's Jewelry Company is not only safe, but it's really easy and fun to create. Between fitting and welding, the overall process is usually 10-15 minutes. If you have any questions along the way, we are here to help!



Pick your chain

We have different chain options at different price points. Choose the type of material, the color, and the design. Do you like gold? How about small and dainty or something bold? You choose! 


Pick your charm

Charms are optional but they definitely add a unique design to your piece. Choose your birthstone color, a fun symbol, or even a word. We try to offer different options for you to choose from. Just ask!



Choose your location

Do you want a bracelet ( most common), an anklet, or a necklace? Depending on what you choose, the price might change if more material is needed. 


Let's measure to the right size

Now that you have your piece designed, we will measure the length. You can choose how loose or tight you want the jewelry to lay. Again, this is totally up to you!



Time to weld

It's time to make it official. We will place a leather patch between your skin and the chain. We might even have you wear special glasses if you want to watch. We use a pliers and the welding machine to create a spark to weld and seal the jump ring to the chain. And.... done!

  • Does permanent jewelry hurt?
    Not at all! There is a small spark generated to weld the materials together. It is not of high temperature, and it does not touch your skin. We use a leather patch between your skin and the welding site. You will also be provided with protective eyewear for caution.
  • Does permanent jewelry last forever?
    Depending on the type of chain you choose, it can last 1 to 10 years. 14kt gold will be the longest lasting chain for up to 20 years.
  • What is permanent jewelry?
    Permanent jewelry is claspless jewelry that fits custom to you. It's safely welded together with a small welding machine to create a seamless piece of jewelry.
  • Can it be removed?
    Permanent jewelry is meant to last for years, but it can be easily removed if needed. The chains are thin enough to last, but not thick enough to cause harm to the wearer in the event it becomes caught.

Our Chains

Our chain are chosen with quality and class in mind, you will love the options available. Choose the material, color, and design that suits your budget and style. Necklaces are sold by the inch. 

Seasonal Enamel

& Gold Plated

Bracelets $45 & Ankelets $60

Sterling Silver

Bracelets $69 & Anklets $89 

14 kt Gold Filled

 Bracelets $79 & Anklets $109

14 kt Solid Gold

 Bracelets $129 & Anklets $189

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the perfect Accessory

If you are ready for a personal appointment, to book a private event, or to invite us to your wedding festivities, please reach out. We can't wait for you to see our beautiful chains and bring your perfect accessory to life!

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