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hunny's permanent jewelry floral
Hunny's Jewelry Company

Wisconsin Permanent & Fine Jewelry 

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Hi there and welcome to Hunny's Jewelry Company, a local central Wisconsin permanent and fine jewelry shop. We specialize in seamless, claspless bracelets, anklets and necklaces made of quality materials and stunning finishes. Whether you're looking to book an appointment or a private event or even invite us to your wedding festivities, we are excited to share this unique experience with you. Please reach out if you any questions, we can't wait to hear from you! 

Creating custom fit, hand welded, permanent jewelry for hunny's jewelry company
“Amy is amazing and made the experience so fun. She had multiple chain options to choose from including charms. I have two bracelets now and can't wait to add another to my collection. 
I HIGHLY recommend Amy at Hunny's Jewelry Company."

Brooke M

bridal Packages

Permanent jewelry is the perfect gift or activity for lasting memories during your wedding with your favorites. Invite us to your wedding while you get ready, your bridal shower, or even your bachelorette party. See our exclusive pricing. 

hunny's jewelry floral
Permanent Jewelry Bridal Matching Bracelets created by hunnys jewelry company
permanent jewelry floral

the perfect Accessory

Choose from our beautiful, quality chains and charms to craft the perfect bracelet, anklet or necklace. Book a private appointment or find us at an event near you. 


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